The Aesthete Blogger Award

Hello, all the awesome Bloggers and readers! I know I need to change the same intro now, but don’t know what else should I start with.

I have already posted blogs on the awards I got nominated for, earlier in my journey and squeezed all the awards in two posts – Liebster Awards (#1, 2, 3, 4) and 4 in 1 awards. Check out the posts and answers if you haven’t already!

After these posts, I had decided not to post any award post on my blog. But, after receiving the recent lovely nomination from Sep (Bookishly yours) for the Aesthete Blogger Award, I couldn’t resist but post this on my Blog. This will be a very small post.

So, here we go!

The Rules…

  • Use the official logo/graphic of the award and display it on your blog.
  • List the rules.
  • Show some love to the one who nominated you!
  • Mention the creator (Ashmita@ the Fictional Journal) and link it back to the original post.
  • Tell me something about this world that you admire.
  • What is your favorite form of creativity?
  • Nominate 7 lovely people and notify them by commenting on their posts; spread some love!
  • Ask your nominees 4 questions.
  • Share something you created. (can be anything!)
  • And lastly, just so you know: I LOVE YOUR CREATIONS!

Love to the nominator: A huge round of applause to Sep from Bookishly Yours for the amazing nomination. Please do check her blog and follow her; she is a huge book lover, music lover, art lover etc. You can go on naming things and she is up there. You can check out her website and explore more of her bookish world!

Something I admire: Well, something that I admire about this world (that’s a very wide perspective) – My family. They are the most selfless person on this world and they always love me unconditionally whatever may be the circumstances.

Favorite form of creativity: Creativity is in various forms. My favorite form of creativity that I am presently practicing is writing and creating content. Writing is a creative form which is helping me to communicate with the world (a wider perspective)

Sep’s Questions:

If you could do one thing without the fear of Covid. What would it be?

That’s a hard first question to answer. Owing to the present situation, there is nothing you can do without the fear of Covid. Still to answer your question; I can wash my hands with soap/sanitize with sanitizer to ward off the fear of Covid. 

What’s the closest thing to magic?

As Elon Musk says and since I am an Engineer – Engineering is the closest thing to magic that exists in this world.

Which movie really took you by surprise, and changed your view point forever?

Since I watched this movie again nTH time recently, I will say Shutter Island!

What is a weird food combination you enjoy?

That’s piping hot Gulab Jamun (Milk solid based Indian dessert) + Ice cream.


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I selected the nominees randomly in my reader’s section. It’s hard to nominate seven out of many awesome Bloggers, so feel free to nominate yourselves and tag me in your post and answer the above questions from Sep (I loved these questions). Thanks!

Hope you liked this post, the lovely questions and the answers. Do let me know your views or answers in the comment section!

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© Ashish Madan Kale

Name – An Identity

Hello, all the awesome Bloggers and readers! This post was on my mind from the past few months, but have drafted now and posted. Hope you all are doing well and staying safe and also got vaccinated.

Name – I want you to just envisage the first thing that crosses your mind when you are reading this word (P.S: Don’t rush forward).

I bet most of the people on this Earth would have fantasized about this quote/dialogue in their minds when they see this word.   

“What’s in a name? that which we call a rose
By any other name would smell as sweet”

Yes, you all predicted it right. This dialogue is from the famous William Shakespeare’s play Romeo & Juliet; we all are acquainted with. As you hear the word “Name”, this reference pops up in your mind.

Can you imagine a world with no names? Yes, that’s a hypothetical situation we are referring to. Nobody knows when the origin of names started; maybe before the written and oral history, that surely had names.

According to Wikipedia, “A name is a term used for identification by an external observer. They can identify a class or category of things, or a single thing, either uniquely, or within a given context”. So, if the term is not present, as in the hypothetical case we are referring to; how will the external observer identify the entity?

The problem will not be restricted to people, but every living and non-living entity on this planet. Be it human beings, animals, planets, companies, etc. everything will become complicated. Imagine, you are working in the office and you have to call the assistant to the Manager. You would say “Hey you, the tall guy with the French beard; can you please call the one with a warm skin tone and curly hair”. This is just a small sentence. Or you have to say “Please pass on the apple from the fruit basket” or “Buy the Samsung (or any other brand) refrigerator from Amazon, they are hosting the Christmas sale”.

I bet the most troublesome part would be explaining to a friend to watch a movie/series with no movie/series name, nor you have the character’s name. How would you define Iron man, Captain America, Spiderman, wonder woman etc., without naming them and just going out explaining their powers and then conveying what you want to say? The fun thing is you cannot savor your perfect cup of Starbucks coffee; because guess what, the staff asks for your name first to write on your cup (though they don’t write the correct spelling of names).

Many famous rulers, kings, prominent leaders, freedom fighters, scientists, politicians, etc. with no names would never be an inspiration to all of us. Your favorite books and authors would be hard to list and discuss with no names. The rivers, mountains, states, countries would be hard to differentiate with no names.

 I know this will be a very complex process. That’s why Shakespeare’s quote above, only applies to the play Romeo & Juliet. In real life, Name is the whole world and identity as quoted in the definition. So, what’s in a name? Well, everything is in a name!

Name Quote

A name reveals everything about a person, object, animal, place, or anything. A name reveals the personality or qualities of a person. When you call out a name of a person, you have an associated image of that person in your mind and that strikes through your mind. This is the power of a name. We always relate a name to an attribute in our mind through which we can quickly recognize any person or a thing. 

Whenever we meet a new person, maybe in an interview or at the reception of an office, the one thing that we start our communication with is exchanging our names. Exchanging our names gives us a sort of familiarity and we become comfortable for further communication. 

There are many common and uncommon names of people, place or a thing. Most of the common names are easy to pronounce but the uncommon names are not pronounced properly since they are either long or complicated to interpret. The pronunciation of names varies with geographical location or even within the states of a country. A person in the USA may not pronounce an Asian person’s name and vice versa. This may sometimes lead to name shaming too. Pronouncing a person’s name wrong is the last thing you want to do. If there is nothing in a name, then why we are annoyed when somebody misspells or mispronounces your name? Just because we are very much possessive about our name as it’s our only first identity in the society.

Every person may not love her/his birth name. Everybody has the right to change one’s name legally at any phase of life, there are no limitations.

A woman changes her name and accepts the family name of her male spouse after marriage. The change of name can be her initial name, middle name (taking name of her husband) or last name (last name of husband’s family), or these.

According to an article on – “In the US, most women adopt their husband’s family name when they get married – around 70%, according to one of the largest data analyses in recent years. For British women, the figure is almost 90%, according to a 2016 survey, with around 85% of those aged between 18 and 30 saying they still follow the practice.”

But some women, especially renowned women, are conscious of their name and also want to accept their new family name. For example, Bollywood actress Aishwarya Rai after marriage registered herself as Aishwarya Rai Bachchan. Similarly, Priyanka Chopra changed her name to Priyanka Chopra Jonas. These celebrities didn’t change their earlier names as the name was their identity, but also accepted their husband’s family surnames.

Similar is the case for a company/business name. A company name is a brand which they are selling. Whenever we hear a company name, the process of its good and bad deeds runs through our mind. The name of a brand is its whole and sole identity. A company is always conscious of its name and logo. The company name has its brand value hidden. A company is always famous by its name.

Many companies also have abbreviations for their names. They designate the abbreviations for complicated and lengthy names of their founders or owners, which are difficult to remember. Many examples are L & T (Larsen & Toubro), BMW (Bayerische Motoren Werke AG), H&M (Hennes & Mauritz), HP (Hewlett Packard), Amul (Anand Milk Union Limited), Lego (Leg Godt), JBL (James Bullough Lansing) and so on…… So, may it be abbreviations, a brand name is important to grow your business.

Everybody knows the power of branding and Nestle Maggi is the perfect example. India’s food regulation had banned Maggi in 2015 for the presence of excessive lead and mislabeling of MSG (added flavor). The ban was for six months and the company recalled 38,000 tonnes of Maggi samples from retail stores and dispose of them by incineration in cement mixers across the country. However, the company was back to business in November 2015 and became a leader by re-establishing 60% of the market share in the year 2017. This could be possible only because of the power of branding and the name of Maggi.

 A name maybe your birth name, nickname, domain name, brand name, abbreviation etc., all are concentric circles to a common center, i.e. your identity. A person or anything is distinguished and known by its identity.

Quotes for name

Let me know your views. What do you think of your name? What nicknames you have? Do you have any business name? What are your views on branding?

Thank you for reading till the end of the post!

© Ashish Madan Kale

The Two Faces of Nature!

Hello, all the awesome Bloggers and readers again! 🙃 Yes, I am writing and posting after a long time, but here I am again. Hope you all are doing well and staying safe amidst the waves of this pandemic. 🤞

Today’s post is in response to the writing contest organized on Soni’s blog (Soni Cool). I wrote a short poem keeping it as simple and realistic as nature and mother earth is!

I hope you like my take on Nature and enjoy reading the poem. The poem is arranged in a pictorial form just to enhance and understand the feelings behind the words.

Nature poem

These are the two faces of Nature. Human beings are always attracted to the beaches, mountains, hill stations, etc. when they want to spend time alone or take a break from their normal routine.

When one visits these places maybe in the period of holidays or when they are on a break, they appreciate the importance and beauty of nature. When a child is hurt, she/he goes to his mother to get the wound addressed by her magical powers and care. Human beings too follow the same approach and reach to mother earth to do away with their problems and tensions.

The only thing is, the recognition is for a short while and we take it for granted. We go back to the urban jungle and start executing activities that contribute to its destruction. We suddenly lack the importance of nature and what it contributes.

This realization is important and is a need of the hour for a better future. It is this influence of humans that goads nature to show its second face of destruction. The pandemics and catastrophes are just a start to this journey. We should realize and support the face of nature that leads to construction so that nature supports us back.

Ironically, a single drop of water that satisfies the thirst of a human being can turn into a disastrous form of floods and Tsunamis.

Yes, Nature has two faces: The pretty one and the ugly one, the disasters! Love the first face and be prepared for the second one!

Mehmet Murat Ildan –

Do let me know your views and thoughts on the above submission. Also, share your thoughts on Nature. What is your perspective about Nature? You can also participate in this writing contest on Soni’s Blog – visit here. The deadline for submission is 31st May.

Follow the blog for future posts to come!

©Ashish Madan Kale

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Happy New Year!!

From 2020;

A year which everybody wanted to end,
But the learnings everybody wants to ponder.
A historic year which will never resurface;
A year that unfolded the pages of the book called “Life”;
A year that was as good as a decade,
A year that gave us the power to face challenges,
A year that taught us to stay together,
A year that taught us “Health is Wealth”,
A year that reminded us of having a me-time,
A year that gave space and time to our hobbies,
A year that let us come out from the daily routine cycle;
A year that helped us understand the true power of nature,
A year that taught us humanity and preparedness,
A year that helped us nurture relationships,
A year that taught us the power of acceptance and positivity,
A year that will lead to many successful years ahead;

Wishing 2021:

A Very Happy New Year!!

© Ashish Madan Kale

The sky has no color!

Hello all the awesome Bloggers and Readers! After receiving an overwhelming response on my first attempt at writing poetry (I’ve failed in life!) , I decided to give a try for another poem. Please read and share your views and suggestions.

A little girl asked her grandfather: –

I have no clue;
Whether the sky is blue?
I see it blue during the day,
When I study in the school and then play.
Or Red – Orange during dawn and dusk,
When it’s time; farmers start or have separated the husk.
Or Prussian blue or black at night,
When the whole family reunite.
Or it shines golden like gold,
Don’t know what nature has in the mould.
Or it appears pink at times,
As if wishing all the girls to be fearful all times.
Or it crowns itself with a rainbow,
Making colors overflow,
As seen from my window.
Please solve this mystery of colors;
I cannot recognize the sky
Every time I look up to the sky.

Her grandfather replied: –

You have seen all the colors of the sky,
Through your tiny eyes that would spy.
Your question is genuine and innocent,
Now let me end your hunt.
It is the sunlight,
Which consists of a rainbow of colors;
When passing through the atmosphere,
Scatters all the colors.
You see it blue all day,
As the blue component scatters all the way;
Showing off its high frequency and shorter wavelength.
Violet color scatters the most and wins the race,
But our eyes welcome the blues and strikes an ace.
The sky appears orange red at dawn and dusk,
As the position of sun then doesn’t allow the blue to bask.
Similar is the case every time;
The beautiful sunlight and atmosphere play with time.
You just sit and enjoy the serene beauty of nature;
In spite of the color it captures.

© Ashish Madan Kale

Just shared this song below since it’s related to sky. Enjoy!

4 in 1 awards!!

Hello all the awesome Bloggers and Readers out there! ❤️

Hope you all had a good week. Yes, this post is in continuation of the previous Liebster Awards (#1,2,3,4) post in the series of awards post. In the previous post, I mentioned that Proxywords has been nominated for 7 awards in total, but in the mean time I was nominated for one more award so the tally goes to 8 now. I am very much grateful to all the bloggers who nominated me for the awards and considered my blog worthy of the nominations. I just cannot express my happiness; a biggg thank you againnn!! 😊🤗

So, coming straight to the nominations; Proxywords was nominated for 4 more awards from another four amazing bloggers.

First one to nominate me for the Vincent Ehindro Blogger Award was Peaks of Cheeks . The next award was Sunshine Blogger Award by Lebogang Shazzygal Malatji. The third award nomination was for the Ideal Inspiration Blogger Award by Offshorewriter. Last but not the least the award nomination from Shreya Sinha for Blogger Recognition award. Thank you all for nominating me and please do checkout their blog, they are the real inspirations.

#1 – Vincent Ehindro Blogger Award

SMB- Peaks of Cheeks

  1. What is the most insufferable dish you have tasted? And what did you do??

I don’t remember any insufferable dish, but yes it was an insufferable restaurant we been to. The other day my health was out of order and now my friends have a reason to tease me!

  1. What is the naughtiest thing you have done as a child?

As a child, while dancing I purposely pushed one of my friends off the stage and went from there. Although this was a sort of revenge, but felt bad afterwards. He was searching all the way who pushed him (not me!) 😁

  1. When has a child really annoyed you?

Ohh is there a single time? There are many instances when small children annoy us but that is a temporary moment. They are innocent!

  1. Have you stalked someone?

Yes, but that is a long way back.

  1. Have you seen a movie which you are embarrassed to talk about?

No, not at all. I do watch movies and there is nothing that embarrasses me to talk about in a movie.

  1. The three wish you would ask to a gene?

Only one wish – Make this world a better place to live. 🤗

  1. If you could be anything for a day, what would it be ?

I would love to be the Prime Minister of my country. For a day I think that would be a whole lot of task.

#2 – Sunshine Blogger Award

Lebogang Shazzygal Malatji

  1. What’s the first thing you do in the morning?

Make my own bed and head towards the window. 🌞

  1. How do you handle pressure?

By not taking pressure i guess 😁

  1. Would you rather confront matters or cry yourself to sleep?

I would rather confront the matter, crying will not at all help – solving the matter helps.

  1. What’s your biggest disappointment and how did you overcome?

A sort of disappointment but not a regret – Not quitting my job early.

  1. How frequent do you post on your blog?

Maybe one post in two weeks. I know I have to improve the frequency of my posts and I will get it done fast.

  1. Name two mistakes you’ve made when you started blogging?

I will not call it a mistake but I should have done more research about the whole process, . But the thing is, then I guess it would have taken time and we would have not met early.

  1. How has blogging changed your perspective in life?

Blogging has not changed my perspective in life. But, it surely has enhanced my perspective I can say.

  1. Where are most of your views?

On WordPress for sure 💖

  1. What’s your take on purpose?

It’s okay not having a purpose in doing a certain thing, but then you should be at least passionate about the same.

  1. Would you say you are aligned with your purpose?

Yes, I am aligned with my purpose in life.

  1. What would you say to your younger self?

Be cautious with people around you and cherish all the little moments in life which will be the future memories.

#3 – Ideal Inspiration Blogger Award


  1. When did you start this blogging journey?

June this year.

  1. What are your hobbies?

Writing blog posts, playing Lawn Tennis and indoor games like table tennis.

  1. Tell us what keeps you going when you are feeling low/down?

A conversation with family/friends.

  1. Who do you look up for motivation/inspiration?

My parents and family every time!

  1. Who is your favorite blogger in WP?

If I name one that will surely be unfair to all the amazing bloggers out there. So, I will not name one but can say that Offshorewriter are one of my favorite bloggers.

#4 –Blogger Recognition Award

Shreya Sinha

Summary of how my blog started:

Actually, I didn’t start writing the blog in the lockdown period like most of the bloggers. I didn’t think at all that I would start writing and have my own blog on WordPress. To be frank, it was never on my list until my friend (subtlespells) who started writing her blog before, suggested me to start writing and introduced me to WordPress. I am very much grateful to her for introducing me to the world of Blogosphere. She has a beautiful blog, please check out her blog here.

So after some understanding of WordPress site, the first post was up there and I was overwhelmed with the response on the post. That motivation was enough to write more and more. Now after receiving these award nominations, the responsibility is doubled. Thank you very much for the award nominations and I assure you that you will get to see more posts from me in future.

According to rules, I have to give two advices for new bloggers. It’s just that don’t force yourself to write; write your heart out and be unique in your own writings.

I hate to say this as it will be unfair on my part to tag few of the awesome bloggers but feel free to nominate yourself for these awards and answer the same questions as all of you deserve them. You can also post the answers in the comments section if not a separate post.

P.S.: All the award posts are done and you will definitely see some poems and write-ups in my future posts.

Liebster Awards (#1,2,3,4)

Hello all the awesome Bloggers and Readers out there!

Hope you all had a good week 😊 You must be surprised after seeing the Thank you #1 on the image; yes, that’s because there is another post of awards after this post is up there. Yes, Proxywords has been nominated for 7 awards in total in the past few days (Hurrayyyyy!!! 😍). I am pretty muchhh excitedddd to post the answers. After starting this blog, I visited many blogs and saw the awards post on most of the blogs. I was skeptical about the same and after learning the reason behind the nominations, it was pretty much fun to read the answers of other bloggers. The awards give a recognition to the famous blogs and also the new ones. It does provide a platform to new bloggers and existing bloggers and others to know more about them through their answers.

So, the past few weeks were pretty much about all the nominations. A biggggg Thank you to all the Bloggers who nominated me and considered my blog worthy of the nominations 🤗. I just can’t express how I am feeling after getting nominated for all the awards, just can’t thank you enough. Proxywords was nominated for four Liebster awards by four awesome bloggers.

Abigail Thomas (Me & Stuff) was the first one to nominate for the Liebster award. She has an awesome blog. She started to write her ideas on google documents and then discovered the WordPress app. You should surely check out her blog here.

The next person to nominate for the Liebster award was Akshita Bansal (where the inspiration lies). She composes beautiful poems and she has a unique style of writing poetry. Her poem on Malala Yousafzai is worth a read. Check out her blog here.

Next to nominate was Raksha (Raksha’s not so secret diary). She writes her heart out in her posts. She puts her opinion very frankly and that’s what her blog speaks about. Do checkout her blog.

Last but not the least thanks to Dr. Namrata Ph.D nominating me for the Leibster award. Please checkout her blog here. She writes blog posts and is fond of books. You can find book reviews on her blog and she has recently started a new series on motherhood.

So here are the rules and answers to the Award questions by all the bloggers. Had to keep it short to answer all of them as I didn’t wanted to miss any of the questions:

The guidelines for participating in the Liebster Award:
1. Thank the blogger who nominated you for the Liebster Award and provide a link to their blog
2. Answer the 11 questions given to you
3. Nominate 11 bloggers
4. Ask your nominees 11 questions
5. Notify your nominees, telling them that you’ve nominated them for the Liebster Award and to look out for your post within the next few days

#1 – Questions by Abigail

  • What inspired you to start a blog?

A friend of mine inspired me to start a blog.

  • Do you think blogging is fun?

Absolutely! It’s way more than fun 😇

  • Did you ever feel like discontinuing your blog post?

Not even in my dreams and I don’t think this type of thought will ever come to my mind.

  • What is your best quality?

I guess straight forwardness is my best quality. It makes things crystal clear for me and the other person.

  • A thing you would like to change about yourself or others?

I would like to stop procrastinating than usual, though I am improving on that and about others the list is unending.

  • What’s the best thing that’s ever happened to you?

My birth is the best thing ever happened (After all life is the best gift)

  • What’s the best part about writing a blog?

There are many things which I like about writing a blog. Writing a blog connects you to the awesome WP community, it gives you an opportunity to write your heart out, make new friends, improve your communication, vocabulary, see many artworks and so onnn….💖

  • What do you think is important for a blog?

Content, consistency and of course readers.

  • A fun fact about yourself.

Well, this would be new for those who have not seen me in person; but most of the people still think that I am a college going boy. I look too young for my age, that’s a fun fact about me.

  • What is your biggest pet peeve?

My biggest pet peeve – People sharing stories of their friends of wishing them a happy birthday.

  • Lastly, Your favorite place on earth (apart from home obviously).

Any place on earth surrounded by nature 💚

#2 – Questions by akshita bansal

  • What is your limit to strive for your goals?

I think there are no limits when we think of a goal. After all, we set goals to achieve them and hence it’s limitless.

  • Have you ever belittled someone just for your sake of pleasure?  

Yes (I know it’s wrong), but back then I was a child.

  • What do you think is the most wrong thing still prevailing in this world?

Selfishness: – It’s the worst thing prevailing, which is the cause of all the bad doings in this world.

  • What inspires you to rise and shine everyday?

A good night’s sleep I guess 😂 Just kidding, a beautiful sunrise and the rays of light entering my room after just waking up.

  • Do you feel like prioritizing between your family time and your goals, and if so, which will you prioritize and why?

I think they go hand in hand. My family supports and respect my individual goals.

  • Anything which demotivates you?

When the other person is not satisfied with my work despite putting my 100% efforts in shaping it.

  • What all distracts you from focusing over anything, if any, how can you overcome    through that?

The major distractions we all have – social media on mobile phones. I cannot overcome that literally, the only thing which I can do is limit the use (duh..that’s harddd) 😂

  • Life is full of chances; would you mind giving a second one to someone?

Yes, life is full of chances and we cannot literally judge a person on a first impression. So, I don’t mind giving a second chance to someone.

  • If you could change anything today, what would that be?

Changing the current world (struggling with Coronavirus) with the previous normal world (without this virus).

  • Why is writing important to you?

To pen my thoughts on paper which will motivate and inspire people.

  • What is the purpose of your writings?

To motivate and inspire others.

#3 – Questions by Raksha

  1. Why did you start this blog?

To write my heart out.

  • Describe your blog in one word

That’s a tough question to answer, describing a blog is limitless and here we have to answer in one word only. Okay, I will go with the adjective “Kindred” i.e. the same beliefs/thoughts we all share.

  • What is a quality of yours you want to work on?

Procrastination, I guess I am already working on it and have achieved results.

  • Favorite book of all time?

I am not eligible to answer this question as I don’t read a lot of books, sorry.

  • If you could go back in time, where would you go?

If I could go back in time, I would like to save my best friend from avoiding an accident which ended his life.

  • Who is your biggest inspiration?

My family is my biggest inspiration always 💕

  • Would you consider yourself an introvert or an extrovert?

Frankly speaking, I don’t like to answer this question as I think these definitions are made to just differentiate people. In my opinion, no one is perfect introvert or extrovert; it depends on situations and liking towards certain things. Although to answer this question by definition, I will classify myself as an Ambivert.

  • Favorite movie of all time?

There are many favorite movies in Bollywood & Hollywood. One movie that I find unique and is one of my favorite is Exam (2009).

  • Do you see yourself discontinuing your blog?

Never (not even in my dreams)

  • Is there anything you hate about blogging?

Nothing. Just feel bad for those bloggers whose content is copied by other so called bloggers for publicity.

  • If you can change one thing about the people around you, what would it be?

The people around me

#4 – Questions by Dr. Namrata Ph.D

  1. Your favorite thing about blogging?

There are many things which I like about writing a blog. Writing a blog connects you to the awesome WP community, it gives you an opportunity to write your heart out, make new friends, improve your communication, vocabulary, see many artworks and so onnn….❤️

  • One thing lockdown taught you?

Lockdown has changed the perception of seeing things. The thing lockdown has taught me is “We are never busy in life, we can always take time out to cherish small things with family and friends”. 😊

  • Your biggest life achievement?

All the stages which I have passed through until now in my life are a part of my life achievements.

  • What you dislike about blogging?

I like everything about blogging. 😊

  • Your blogging goals and your plans to achieve them.

Initially, I was new to blogging and also new to the web technology. I was unaware about domains/hosting/collabs (and I am not afraid to share that), but now I am getting to know all these things and so my blogging goal include learning more of these and sharing my content to other platforms like IG.

  • Your favorite memory in the history of blogging?

My favorite memory was when my first blog post was well received and appreciated by all the bloggers. The appreciation gave me the motivation to write further posts. Also, I was overwhelmed when I was nominated for the first award i.e Mystery Blogger Award and all these awards nomination I am sharing J

  • Describe your blog in three words

Life Situations Solutions

  • Describe yourself in three words

Positive, Friendly and Ambitious.

  • Have you ever thought about quitting blogging?

Never (not even in my dreams)

  • What does blogging do to you?

Blogging helps me to observe things closely and to have a firm opinion of my own. Blogging has connected me to whole lot of new friends and Blogging helps me learn new things every day from the awesome bloggers may it be new news, new concept, new technology, new art etc. All in all, blogging connects me to the world.

It’s a tough job to nominate a few bloggers from a whole lot of awesome bloggers. So, congratulations you are nominated for the Liebster award. Here are the nominees:

  1. Shreya Sinha
  2. The knight of the pen
  3. Safa Sherin
  4. Akshay Iyer
  5. Ritish sharma
  6. Vidya S Jogada
  7. Appy Tales
  8. Joel Abakah
  9. deeplyrootedbymehak
  10. Rez Scribblez
  11. Peakspeak

My Questions to nominees: Since it’s already a very long post, you can select any 11 questions from above answered questions.

Once again Thank you for nominating me for the Leibster Awards.

-Ashish Madan Kale

In this COVID times!

I know I am pretty much late (not actually; I am absolute late) to write about the current situation we (the whole world) all are facing. Actually, I can bank on the opportunity to write my blog post on this topic by saying that the pandemic is not yet over (Trust me! I am not at all delighted to say so (who on the earth would be), I’d have hoped to write the reverse 🙁). Also, I started my blog from June end (I wonder why I didn’t start to write blogs during lockdown period when I had ample of time 🤔 Please forget that for the time being, that’s another story). Let the excuses be over; now that I have started to write this post.

From the past few months, the whole world is facing a global epidemic out of nowhere. There was an article published in TOI which read “For the first time in history, every government on the planet has been set the same homework assignment at the same time.” It’s pretty much an apt expression, but it’s an unwanted and a surprise assignment for each and every individual on this planet and also for the respective governments. Even there is no scope of copying the assignment to gain full marks and come out of this pandemic, since no one knows the solution yet. Although, this is not the first pandemic in history; but surely a pandemic after a period of 100 years or so.

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My brother reminded us of the vision India had set named Vision 2020 for the country two decades ago; under the leadership of the late President of India and a brilliant scientist Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam. Nobody knew then that after two decades, India along with all the countries will have to face such a pandemic situation.

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The current pandemic gave rise to the discovery of some words which are flashing in our minds every moment (as all of us know already):

Coronavirus (COVID-19; SARS COV-2)
PPE kit
& Lastly “THE VACCINE” (a safe vaccine for which we are waiting in anticipation)

Most of the countries in the world (including India with a population of 1.3 billion) were compelled to enforce a complete lockdown in the interest of their own people. Now, almost all the countries are in the unlock phase; with some countries again enforcing local lockdowns to contain the spread. During the lockdown period, all the trades, businesses, industries, etc. came to a standstill and had to bear a huge loss. Even as people faced financial losses, the lockdown phase brought some happiness in the family by cherishing the little moments with family and devoting time to analyze self; to bring about a change and develop our personality. Mostly, all of us played indoor games (Board and card games) which we never played after our childhood, practiced yoga/meditation, carried out cleaning works (since all the maids were on a holiday and that sanitization is the most important part nowadays), planted new trees in the garden, watched Netflix and other TV shows, read books, attended webinars on various topics, baked many cakes and tried new recipes, cherished watching old family pics album, pursued an old hobby (painting, singing, dancing etc.) and the list is never ending. So, all in all that was a pretty different lifestyle adopted in the lockdown period, which provided a much-needed break from the busy (nowadays one cannot say so) schedule.

Having said that, there were many of my friends and relatives who were working continuously for their company during this period too. Yes, we cannot forget all the essential and frontline helath workers in this pandemic situation. But here, I am referring to the ones who stayed and worked from home (and are still working from home). Almost all the offices have started in the unlock phase, but the whole IT sector and design company employees are still working from home. In the pre-Covid period (yes, this is what it’s called nowadays), working from home was not permitted easily. But, after the lockdown was imposed countrywide; the only option was to work from home.

Work from home has many advantages and disadvantages for the employers and the employees. Firstly, this situation was a surprise for all; so don’t want to blame anybody for the same but thought of sharing some points. The lockdown unfortunately compelled many employers to suspend or fully terminate many jobs. Some lucky ones got a place after one or two months to fill the voids due to workload, but couldn’t suffice all. Many companies couldn’t continue with their current clientele. Some companies had to switch to other roles to meet the rolling demands of their company (like for example, a company dealing with paints also manufactured sanitizers in order to meet the supplementary demands). This, in turn proved to be challenging for the employees working from home who don’t know anything about the new product. Working from home also proved to be a challenge for the managers working in an organization to monitor the subordinates work through zoom meetings, calls and mails. The working teams were downsized, putting stress on the existing teams to carry out the extra work by devoting extra hours (which was extremely difficult for married ladies in addition to household chores). Employees too cannot say no or quit the existing job in this situation adding to their stress and anxiety. I think all the managers and employers should monitor the situation closely by not adding extra pressure on employees and disturbing the work-life balance in this pandemic situation. All in all, working from home didn’t quiet turned out to be fun but stressful on both the ends. I don’t think anybody will opt to work from home in the near future.

We all writers in this Blogosphere (including me, of course) have mentioned expressions from the past few months; in this lockdown period/ in this pandemic situation/ in these uncertain times often in our articles. I think some good things that are achieved due to coronavirus such as reduction of carbon emissions, appreciation of health workers and grocery dealers who were taken for granted in this society, breaking the busy routine and having a me and family time, clear water in lakes and canals (In India, all the Ganesh idols in the Ganeshotsav festival 2020 were immersed in artificial tanks/wells unlike immersion in lakes/sea every year and the size of idols was also restricted), digitization etc. should not be restricted to this lockdown period alone. These practices should continue after this whole situation is brought under control for the well-being of people and society as a whole.

Sorry for the so so long post (P.S: Had a lot in mind, but this topic is endless unlike Covid-19 which should end ASAP). Thanks for reading!

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Mystery Blogger Award!

So, this post was never on my list and suddenly I was nominated for Mystery Blogger Award. All thanks to Pragya Khokar ( for nominating me for first such award, it really means a lot to me. Please do check her blog!


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Pragya’s Questions:

1.Which country and place do you belong to?
👉 Nagpur, India ❤️

2.Would you like to go invisible or read others’ minds?
👉 It depends actually. If I can read one person’s mind at a time, then it’s fine. But if I have to read multiple minds at the same instance, that would be a mess and then surely I would prefer to be invisible from all the people and society 😊

3.Describe your blog shortly?
👉 My blog is all about thoughts or issues faced by majority of us in some way or the other, put together to find solutions which can directly or indirectly help someone achieve their goal. 🙂

4.What would you prefer-tea or coffee?
👉 This one is a bit tricky question for me as I love both tea and coffee. 😍 I just cannot be partial when one is asking me to choose between the two. So, I am unable to find a justified answer to this question.

5.Phobia for any object or situation that disturbs you very much?
👉 I don’t understand when people say I am not scared of heights, deep water, deep valleys etc. I think all this is lie, as I have a phobia of all these things. Everyone is scared at some point of time (at least I think so 😬).

My questions for the nominees are same as I can’t think of any other at this point of time.

I wish I could tag and nominate all the awesome people out there but then here are few of them:

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Capriciousness –

I’ve failed in life!

I’ve failed in life!

A moment came;
I failed in life.

That made me think again,
From my childhood till now,
I’ve failed in my life.

I began to question my own existence
and thought of ending my life.
With the only thought running through my mind;
I’ve failed in life.

Nobody wanted to see me grow like this;
Right from when I was a child.
The mischiefs I did,
Were the mistakes of my life.
I’ve failed in life.

I should have scored good
to meet the expectation of my parents.
The pages of the book I turned
Were never the pages of my life?
I’ve failed in life.

My relatives wanted to see me become
A Doctor, Scientist or an Engineer!
but I chose to make people smile;
By not becoming a joker;
But a photographer.
Which was a mistake of my life
I’ve failed in life!

I applied and got a good job
amongst the mob;
rather than joining the family business
and diverting my mind in this rife.
I’ve failed in life.

Fell in love with a lovely girl;
And such was our relationship,
We had vowed for our lifelong support
But she could never become my wife.
I’ve failed in life.

I bundled these failures in my mind
and decided to end my life.
You don’t repeat the same mistake
You will fail in life!

P.S. – This is my first attempt to write a poem, so please bear with me if there are any grammatical or typing errors. Suggestions and thoughts are always welcomed!

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