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Quotes Collab

A Collab on Quotes with Sep!

Hello All the awesome Bloggers and readers!! 😍 Hope you had a great weekend 🙃 Here I am with another collab as promised in the goals this year in My 1 year Blogging Anniversary post. Today, I have collaborated with a wonderful fun loving person on this Blogging platform; yes you guessed it right from theContinue reading “A Collab on Quotes with Sep!”

Couple sitting on rocks

Story of LOVE!

Hello All the awesome Bloggers and readers!! 😍 Hope you are having a great weekend 😇 It gives me a pleasure to share with you that I received my first ever anthology submission “Remember the roses” paperback book this week. Also, received the second anthology book “Utmost feelings” paperback book on the same day 🙂🙂Continue reading “Story of LOVE!”

Monday Image

Collab Poem on Monday!

Hello all the awesome Bloggers and readers! 🙂 Hope you are doing well and getting back to work after the cease in the recent COVID cases in some countries 🙃 Today, I am about to share a wonderful collaboration poem on Monday’s with Soni’s thoughts . This collaboration is a part of the gifts offeredContinue reading “Collab Poem on Monday!”

Family picture

Family – The whole world

Hello All! 😇 Sorry for not being here around in a while. That’s the reason I am posting this poem on family i.e. dedicated to you all; my online and offline family. The family that loves you unconditionally whether you post often or not, they are always there to support you ❤️❤️ The love ofContinue reading “Family – The whole world”

The Aesthete Blogger Award

Hello, all the awesome Bloggers and readers! I know I need to change the same intro now, but don’t know what else should I start with. I have already posted blogs on the awards I got nominated for, earlier in my journey and squeezed all the awards in two posts – Liebster Awards (#1, 2,Continue reading “The Aesthete Blogger Award”

Name Image

Name – An Identity

Hello, all the awesome Bloggers and readers! This post was on my mind from the past few months, but have drafted now and posted. Hope you all are doing well and staying safe and also got vaccinated. Name – I want you to just envisage the first thing that crosses your mind when you areContinue reading “Name – An Identity”

Happy New Year 2021

Happy New Year!!

From 2020; A year which everybody wanted to end,But the learnings everybody wants to ponder.A historic year which will never resurface;A year that unfolded the pages of the book called “Life”;A year that was as good as a decade,A year that gave us the power to face challenges,A year that taught us to stay together,AContinue reading “Happy New Year!!”

4 in 1 awards!!

Hello all the awesome Bloggers and Readers out there! ❤️ Hope you all had a good week. Yes, this post is in continuation of the previous Liebster Awards (#1,2,3,4) post in the series of awards post. In the previous post, I mentioned that Proxywords has been nominated for 7 awards in total, but in theContinue reading “4 in 1 awards!!”

Liebster Awards (#1,2,3,4)

Hello all the awesome Bloggers and Readers out there! Hope you all had a good week 😊 You must be surprised after seeing the Thank you #1 on the image; yes, that’s because there is another post of awards after this post is up there. Yes, Proxywords has been nominated for 7 awards in totalContinue reading “Liebster Awards (#1,2,3,4)”

In this COVID times!

I know I am pretty much late (not actually; I am absolute late) to write about the current situation we (the whole world) all are facing. Actually, I can bank on the opportunity to write my blog post on this topic by saying that the pandemic is not yet over (Trust me! I am notContinue reading “In this COVID times!”

Mystery Blogger Award!

So, this post was never on my list and suddenly I was nominated for Mystery Blogger Award. All thanks to Pragya Khokar (immortalwords0802.wordpress.com) for nominating me for first such award, it really means a lot to me. Please do check her blog! Rules: Put the award logo on your blog. Thank the blogger who nominatedContinue reading “Mystery Blogger Award!”

I’ve failed in life!

A moment came;I failed in life. That made me think again,From my childhood till now,I’ve failed in my life. I began to question my own existenceand thought of ending my life.With the only thought running through my mind;I’ve failed in life. Nobody wanted to see me grow like this;Right from when I was a child.TheContinue reading “I’ve failed in life!”

Capriciousness !!

The words – irrational, whimsical, capricious; all are branches of the same tree. These words are always perceived in a negative manner. Yes, they may sound negative with the use in our daily life; all of them can be attributed to a single feeling i.e. mood swings. We often use the term “mood swing” veryContinue reading “Capriciousness !!”


What’s on my mind? Am I going crazy here? There are no birthdays’, every creature on this earth celebrates only a single day every year –their birthday. But wait, here I have purposely split birthday with a hyphen. So, Birth-days’ refer to the days after our birth; it may be any number of days whichContinue reading “Birth-days’…..”

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