In this COVID times!

I know I am pretty much late (not actually; I am absolute late) to write about the current situation we (the whole world) all are facing. Actually, I can bank on the opportunity to write my blog post on this topic by saying that the pandemic is not yet over (Trust me! I am not at all delighted to say so (who on the earth would be), I’d have hoped to write the reverse 🙁). Also, I started my blog from June end (I wonder why I didn’t start to write blogs during lockdown period when I had ample of time 🤔 Please forget that for the time being, that’s another story). Let the excuses be over; now that I have started to write this post.

From the past few months, the whole world is facing a global epidemic out of nowhere. There was an article published in TOI which read “For the first time in history, every government on the planet has been set the same homework assignment at the same time.” It’s pretty much an apt expression, but it’s an unwanted and a surprise assignment for each and every individual on this planet and also for the respective governments. Even there is no scope of copying the assignment to gain full marks and come out of this pandemic, since no one knows the solution yet. Although, this is not the first pandemic in history; but surely a pandemic after a period of 100 years or so.

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My brother reminded us of the vision India had set named Vision 2020 for the country two decades ago; under the leadership of the late President of India and a brilliant scientist Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam. Nobody knew then that after two decades, India along with all the countries will have to face such a pandemic situation.

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The current pandemic gave rise to the discovery of some words which are flashing in our minds every moment (as all of us know already):

Coronavirus (COVID-19; SARS COV-2)
PPE kit
& Lastly “THE VACCINE” (a safe vaccine for which we are waiting in anticipation)

Most of the countries in the world (including India with a population of 1.3 billion) were compelled to enforce a complete lockdown in the interest of their own people. Now, almost all the countries are in the unlock phase; with some countries again enforcing local lockdowns to contain the spread. During the lockdown period, all the trades, businesses, industries, etc. came to a standstill and had to bear a huge loss. Even as people faced financial losses, the lockdown phase brought some happiness in the family by cherishing the little moments with family and devoting time to analyze self; to bring about a change and develop our personality. Mostly, all of us played indoor games (Board and card games) which we never played after our childhood, practiced yoga/meditation, carried out cleaning works (since all the maids were on a holiday and that sanitization is the most important part nowadays), planted new trees in the garden, watched Netflix and other TV shows, read books, attended webinars on various topics, baked many cakes and tried new recipes, cherished watching old family pics album, pursued an old hobby (painting, singing, dancing etc.) and the list is never ending. So, all in all that was a pretty different lifestyle adopted in the lockdown period, which provided a much-needed break from the busy (nowadays one cannot say so) schedule.

Having said that, there were many of my friends and relatives who were working continuously for their company during this period too. Yes, we cannot forget all the essential and frontline helath workers in this pandemic situation. But here, I am referring to the ones who stayed and worked from home (and are still working from home). Almost all the offices have started in the unlock phase, but the whole IT sector and design company employees are still working from home. In the pre-Covid period (yes, this is what it’s called nowadays), working from home was not permitted easily. But, after the lockdown was imposed countrywide; the only option was to work from home.

Work from home has many advantages and disadvantages for the employers and the employees. Firstly, this situation was a surprise for all; so don’t want to blame anybody for the same but thought of sharing some points. The lockdown unfortunately compelled many employers to suspend or fully terminate many jobs. Some lucky ones got a place after one or two months to fill the voids due to workload, but couldn’t suffice all. Many companies couldn’t continue with their current clientele. Some companies had to switch to other roles to meet the rolling demands of their company (like for example, a company dealing with paints also manufactured sanitizers in order to meet the supplementary demands). This, in turn proved to be challenging for the employees working from home who don’t know anything about the new product. Working from home also proved to be a challenge for the managers working in an organization to monitor the subordinates work through zoom meetings, calls and mails. The working teams were downsized, putting stress on the existing teams to carry out the extra work by devoting extra hours (which was extremely difficult for married ladies in addition to household chores). Employees too cannot say no or quit the existing job in this situation adding to their stress and anxiety. I think all the managers and employers should monitor the situation closely by not adding extra pressure on employees and disturbing the work-life balance in this pandemic situation. All in all, working from home didn’t quiet turned out to be fun but stressful on both the ends. I don’t think anybody will opt to work from home in the near future.

We all writers in this Blogosphere (including me, of course) have mentioned expressions from the past few months; in this lockdown period/ in this pandemic situation/ in these uncertain times often in our articles. I think some good things that are achieved due to coronavirus such as reduction of carbon emissions, appreciation of health workers and grocery dealers who were taken for granted in this society, breaking the busy routine and having a me and family time, clear water in lakes and canals (In India, all the Ganesh idols in the Ganeshotsav festival 2020 were immersed in artificial tanks/wells unlike immersion in lakes/sea every year and the size of idols was also restricted), digitization etc. should not be restricted to this lockdown period alone. These practices should continue after this whole situation is brought under control for the well-being of people and society as a whole.

Sorry for the so so long post (P.S: Had a lot in mind, but this topic is endless unlike Covid-19 which should end ASAP). Thanks for reading!

©Proxywords – Ashish Madan Kale

44 thoughts on “In this COVID times!

  1. The pandemic has forced many changes to our lifestyles the world over and we had to comply. Many being affected negatively with predictions of more spread of the virus due to relaxed measures in many countries. But we will get through it, well written.

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    1. Yes, we were forced to comply with the situations. The negative rumours are still doing a round.
      We will surely get through this; i hope we get through this as quickly as possible though we need to have patience. Thank you for taking time to read, i am glad you liked it 😊

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Wow bro you made really good points. A worthwhile read… it deserved the length❤💚
    Working from home can be stressful. My parents can testify that aspect
    As a uni student though I like the online studying. Personally I think it suits my persona more 💚

    Liked by 4 people

    1. Thank you very much for reading and for your kind words. Yes, i think the length is justified now after all your reviews 😊❤️
      Yes, working from home is turning out to be a hell for most of the employees. It’s good to know that you have adjusted to the new normal via online study 😊😊

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  3. I’m glad people are still talking about the pandemic because there are some who are acting like it’s gone. And in the US, we aren’t handling it very well. I wanted to get the antibody test to see if I had it. But according to CDC it’s faulty. So I’m thinking with the holidays coming up and people visiting friends and families and with it being flu season, I have a feeling it will get worse.

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    1. Hey thank you for reading my post. I know right, people are being careless about the situation in and around us. As we are on the verge of a full unlock, the citizens all around the world are thinking the virus has vanished and are being careless. Here in India, the situation is grim. The cases are on a rise and there is a community spread of the virus in some parts of the country, though not declared officially. The situation is becoming dangerous day by day and we need to care more, but the current behaviour/attitude doesn’t seem to be helpful.

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